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hey, we are margit and sera


wholeheartedly comitted to make your wedding last!

more than just photos

For us, photography and film is more than just capturing moments - it's a way to convey sertain feelings and perspectives in to lasting memory.

living in germany

We live in Bamberg also known as “little italy” and one of the most beautiful towns in germany.


a couple

We are a couple since 2016 

thank you!

We are grateful for the privilege of capturing weddings of such inspiring people. That's why we also know our responsibility and how important the memories are for our couples. A good and relaxed atmosphere is just as important to us as the quality of our work.

dive in to our music vibe

things that fuels us

deep connections

a good drink on a warm summer night

the scent of wet congcrete 

good food made with soul

the excitement before a trip 

sounds of nature 

dancing it all out 

creating & converting

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